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The Three Big Mutual Fund Types


Most funds have a particular strategy they focus on when investing. To satisfy the diversified objectives of the investors, the mutual funds administrators created three big fund types that have as a purpose meeting the respective objectives through different placement politics. Technically speaking the three types are:

 The monetary funds

The monetary funds have as an investing objective keeping the value of the invested money. These types of funds are generally addressed to investors that, because of aversion towards risk or other motives (like needing the invested money in a short time), don’t want the value of their investment to decrease. Until now, in the USA, there has never been a monetary fund that ever signalized a decrease in the title value.

  Income Funds

These funds have as an investing objective gaining a profit from the invested money or generating stable income. They are addressed to those that need supplementary stable income in addition to their current income. Since the majority of the incomes made by the fund are distributed to investors, the stock value doesn’t suffer significant variation. Still, because of the structure of the portfolio, there is a risk that the stock value would decrease.

Growth Funds

Growth funds are those in which the manager invests in the stocks of large and medium sized companies that are well established and expanding at a considerable and steady rate. These funds are for relatively aggressive investors who are looking to increase the worth of their capital, and who do not need income from the fund to meet current living expenses.

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